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Interface design for website, a social media that helps people to complete their jobs in fun way. Centeng has some main features that support users to find help and connect with each other, such as Community, Group, Post a Mission, Message, Journal and Leaderboard.

Also there’s a business account, a type of premium account for corporate need.

(Illustrations by Habibie) home userarea


CMS development for, a t-shirt brand conveying good philosophies throughout the history. The brand consists of two interconnected phrases, “You Think” & “Youth Ink”.

The website displays YouThink products and some artwork on actual quotations. Built on WordPress CMS.

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Draw Your Shirt

CMS development for, a custom shirt printing service located in Jakarta. Draw Your Shirt allows you to print your desired digital artwork on a shirt. The cool thing is, there is no minimum order. Get yourself one good shirt!

The website displays the company profile, services, portfolio, technology used, pricing, and products. Built on WordPress CMS.

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